The Historic Cottage will be open again soon on Saturdays from 10-12.

From the Past, For the Future

Estero Island Historic Society Museum

The Estero Island Historic Society Museum and Nature Center can be found within the Davison Cottage (as shown above), originally constructed in 1921 along the beachfront. Now situated at 161 Bay Rd., Fort Myers Beach, the cottage serves as our home.

Nestled at the trailhead leading to Matanzas Pass Preserve, the Cottage Museum holds a special place. This preserve is Estero Island's last remaining maritime tropical hammock. It's a beautiful spot usually accessible from dawn to dusk, offering an ADA-compatible experience due to recent renovations. Additionally, there's a new floating kayak dock that's part of the Calusa Blueway. If you're out hiking or kayaking, feel free to stop by and enjoy the air-conditioned comfort we offer.

In the past, the EIHS has played host to holiday open houses for Beach Elementary Students, as pictured below during an engaging game led by AJ Bassett. As we look forward, this year presents an exciting opportunity: the celebration of the cottage's 100th birthday with a grand Holiday Centennial Open House Extravaganza! While FGCU Consortium Series field trip classes, which usually run year-round, have experienced disruptions due to COVID, our dedication remains unwavering. We're excited to embrace these experiences and opportunities as we continue our journey to connect with the past and celebrate our heritage.

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