OUR NEXT GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING will be held on Monday, March 9, 2020 at 7pm at St. Raphael's Church, located at 5601 Williams Dr., south of Publix. 

Punch and cookies will be served.  Books by island authors, watercolor prints and notecards by island artists will be available for sale.

Our speaker will present the true life story of a 20-year Green Beret. Co-authors Janet Gottlieb Sailian and Martin G. LeBlanc will present readings and insights from local resident Le Blanc's autobiography: Ghost Warrior- the true story of a U.S. Army special Forces Green Beret in the Vietnam and Cold War eras. LeBlanc enlisted in the U.S Army as a 20 year old Canadian, during the early days of the Vietnam war.  His rapid ascent to elite black-ops warrior transformed a small-town Nova Scotia kid into a clandestine force from 1966-86.  He finally became an American citizen years after retiring from military service.

Ghost Warrior sheds new light on a period that foreshadowed today's geopolitics. As a U.S. Airborne Army Ranger and Special Forces Green Beret, Le Blanc had  a hand in historic events, from Israel's victory in the 1967 Six Day War to the Soviet Union's failing grasp on Afghanistan in 1983.  He completed 16 major missions and many operations in Italy, Lebanon, and along the Pacific Shelf.  On three missions LeBlanc sustained near-fatal injuries, and on two missions he was the lone survivor. 

Come a little early and mingle with old friends!

                           Attendance is free, but donations are welcomed,